Paramount Minerals And Chemicals Limited shall

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment to all its employees

  • Recognise and respect the right of employees to freely associate in accordance with the existing laws.

  • Pay employees and workers the minimum wages and benefits required by the local law

  • Pay overtime charges if employed to do so

  • Provide adequate periodic training to the employees and workers benefits

  • Commit to comply with national and other applicable laws

Paramount Minerals And Chemicals Limited shall NOT engage in

  • Use of child labour / young labour less than 18 years of age

  • Use of forced labour

  • Discrimination in employment on the basis of Gender, Race, Religion, Age, Sex, Nationality, Political Opinion or social / ethnic origin

  • Physical, sexual or Psychological harassment or abuse of any of our employees

  • Compelling the workers to work excessive overtime hours, and

  • Deduction from wages for disciplinary purposes
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