At Paramount our passion to grow is equaled by our passion to care for our planet. As a result you'll find plenty of environment-friendly ideas ingrained in our system. We've in fact instituted a dedicated team that ensures we are in compliance with regulatory policies at all times, and continuously suggests ways to better our eco-management.

The team has been instrumental in internalizing latest technologies like reverse osmosis membrane filtration for manufacturing liquids. A process that generates very little effluent. Furthermore, the team also ensures all effluent generated is first treated as per government norms at our in-house facility and disposed only thereafter.

At Paramount we are always on the lookout to make things brighter for our planet. Be it avenues for conserving natural resources like power and water or encouraging practices like recycling. With a blueprint ready, we have now taken a strategic decision to further or commitment towards nature and acquire ISO 14001: 2004 certification in near future.

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