Simply put, quality control is in our DNA. And runs through every thread that makes us.

At Paramount we have an exclusive 'Quality Assurance Team,' which functions totally independent of the production team, and minutely monitors every aspect of our operations.

At Paramount every raw material is quality checked before going into production.
Further, random intermediate tests are also conducted to ensure the quality is undiminished during various stages of production.

In fact the barrage of tests comes to a halt only when the end-product is assessed for performance (on application), and the consignment leaves the plant. With such rigorous testing, it's bound to shine in all corners of the world.

Some of our key quality control tests include:

  • Exhaust application of OBAs on cellulose substrate and comparison
    with color measurement spectrophotometer

  • Absorbance measurement of OBA solution through UV spectrophotometer

  • Thin Layer Chromatography to ascertain purity

  • Analytical tests

  • Solubility tests to ascertain quality standard of OBAs

The stringent quality measures at Paramount are further empowered by the state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal. From the high-end Japanese Schimidza UV Spectrophotometers to Minolta Colour Spectrophotometers, we go all out to offer you the finest in terms of quality.


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