1. Anti-Bribery

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited prohibits bribery in any form. Any personal payment or bribe to individuals employed by the company’s customers or suppliers, or receipt of a bribe or personal payment by the company’s employees is strictly prohibited. Competition for business is conducted fairly and on the merits of the products and services of the company.

The company also forbids improper payments, direct or indirect payments, whether in cash or in other things of value to government officials or political parties in order to influence acts or decisions, to receive special treatment or personal gain, or to obtain or retain business.

2. Import and Export Control

It is the policy of Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited to comply with the import export control laws as depicted in the prevailing Foreign Trade Policy and Handbook of Procedures of the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Indian import export control laws restrict and/or regulate certain items/commodities that can be imported and exported to and from overseas entities and individuals.

It is the responsibility of the management and employees engaged in export and import activities to be aware of and comply with the Indian export control laws as well as with the company procedures before engaging in any activities that may raise compliance issues under the Indian export control laws, policy and procedures.

3. Economic and Trade Sanctions

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited is committed to comply with applicable economic and trade sanctions laws in all jurisdictions in which the company operates. We recognise that failure to comply with relevant sanctions laws or to prevent or manage this risk would constitute a breach of legal and/or regulatory requirements, and could carry significant reputational damage, legal and regulatory action and financial loss.

4. Antitrust

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited’s policy is that the management and employees strictly comply with antitrust laws and the competition and anti-monopoly laws (that are formulated to prohibit agreements amongst companies that fix prices, divide markets, limit production or otherwise obstruct or destroy market forces) of all countries, states and localities in which they conduct company’s business.

The company management is responsible for ensuring that employees under their responsibility are aware of and comply with this policy so that the company avoids any antitrust violation by adhering to the company’s general rule - no contact with competitors.

5. Employee Data Privacy

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited respect its employees’ privacy and dignity and will only collect and retain personal information from employees that is required for the effective operationof the Company and / or as required by law. We will keep that information confidential and release it only to those who have a legitimate need to know.

6. Money Laundering

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited prohibitsall its employees knowingly engaging in transactions that facilitate money laundering. i.e., any attempt by individuals to hide the proceeds of their crimes or to make those proceeds look legitimate.

7. Gifts and Hospitality

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited conduct our business on the basis of the quality and value of goods and services we buy and sell. Our policy on gifts and hospitality is designed to preserve and maintain the company’s goodwill as a reputed organisation which acts with integrity and bases decisions purely on legitimate business considerations. Receiving gifts, entertainment or other gratuities from people with whom we do business is not acceptable as it could entail an obligation on the part of the company and potential conflict of interest.

8. Conflict of Interest

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited’s policy is that all employees are obligated to act at all times purely in the best interests of the Company. A conflict of interest arises when an employee has a personal relationship or financial or other interest that could interfere with this obligation, or when they use their position with the company for personal gain. The company requires that employees disclose all potential conflicts of interest and that they promptly take actions to eliminate the conflict when the company requests them to do so.

9. Product Quality and Safety

Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited make certain about the quality and the safety of our products and operations for our customers, employees and the environment. We consider this to be a requirement for conducting responsible business, and a vital component of building and maintaining public trust in our products. We carefully assess the safety of all products before they go to market to understand both hazards and potential exposures.

Our products and packages will be safe for customers and the environment and will meet all applicable legal requirements with respect to product safety and labeling. The company will provide interested parties with relevant and appropriate factual information about the safety of our products and packaging.

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