At Paramount we are relentless in our lookout for smarter, higher yielding ideas in every facet of our operation - from choice of raw materials to optimization of various processes. Our fully furbished R&D facility (which is independent of the production plant), is a proud testimony of this constant pursuit.

This hi-tech facility not only houses the best in machinery, but also accommodates its very own pilot production plant. Manning it are qualified and experienced technicians, who know what it takes to translate every little scope for innovation and improvisation - into a production reality.

Thanks to such infrastructure and personnel, we are today fulfilling our two-pronged R&D vision. One, to aggressively develop a robust pipeline of new products. Speciality chemicals like APIs, Petroleum Additives and Pesticide Intermediates. And second, to leave no stone unturned in further improving our current product range. To help them perform better, cost lesser and to meet clients beyond their expectations.

Improved Tetrasulphonic OBAs and Urea-free Disulphonics (paper industry), and Non-Stilbenic OBAs (detergent industry) are few recent fruits of our R&D efforts.

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