At Paramount our passion to grow is equaled by our passion to care for our planet. As a result you’ll find plenty of environment-friendly ideas ingrained in our system. We’ve in fact instituted a dedicated team that ensures we are in compliance with regulatory policies at all times.

We don’t just make optical brighteners. We make products that brighten your business.

Our world-class range takes care of your every necessity. But takes nothing away from the environment.

We are based in India. But often, we are found brightening lives globally.

We are Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Limited
As Simply put, quality control is in our DNA.
And runs through every thread that makes us. At Paramount we have an exclusive ‘Quality Assurance Team,’ which functions totally independent of the production team,
and minutely monitors every aspect of
our operations.

A critical strongpoint for the Parawhite range is the combination of technical support
and robust application trials conducted
at our very own fully equipped lab.
Needless to say, they go a long way, in helping you get the very degree of
whiteness you desire.
We welcome proposals from reputed Manufacturing Companies Worldwide or Individuals with high technical experience who can share technology on buy-back arrangement or joint marketing efforts.
We understand that the success of our relationship with global clients, to a very large extent depends on our distributors. Hence, we have meticulously chosen our international representatives to make our network dependable and solid.

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