• There shall be compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the country where operations are undertaken.

  • There shall be respect for human rights, and no employee shall suffer harassment, physical or mental punishment, or other form of abuse.

  • Wages and working hours will, as a minimum, comply with all applicable wages and hour laws, and rules and regulations, including minimum wages, overtime and maximum hours in the country concerned.

  • There shall be no use of forced or compulsory labour, and employees shall be free to leave employment after reasonable notice.

  • There shall be no use of child labour, and specifically there will be compliance with relevant International Labour Organisation standards.

  • There shall be respect for the right of employees to freedom of association.

  • Safe and healthy working conditions will be provided for all employees.

  • Operations will be carried out with care for the environment and will include compliance with all relevant legislation in the country concerned.

  • All products and services will be delivered to meet the quality and safety criteria specified in relevant contracts elements, and will be safe for their intended use.

  • There shall be no improper advantage sought, including the payment of bribes, to secure delivery of goods or services to Para mount.
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