It was 1985 when we entered the business. Or should we say revolutionized it.
Stemming from the dynamic legacy of the multi-million dollar Rajkamal Group,
we soon started dominating the industry, true to our genes.

It was we who took the first step and opened the gates for export of OBAs from India to West European and Asia-Pacific region. A step that not only marked our arrival on the global stage, but also gave a huge impetus to the industry.

Today our flagship brand Parawhite, has garnered great equity with 25 years of consistent performance and Paramount's steadfast commitment to deliver orders at right price and right time. Not surprisingly then, today we are a partner of choice for giants across textile, paper and detergent industries.

At Paramount we credit our success to a variety of factors that makes us Your Brighter Partner TM. Like our robust infrastructure and up-scalable production facilities, reputed distributors spanning the globe, fully equipped applications lab & technical support, customization knitting every thread of client satisfaction, quick turnaround time, and most importantly the attitude that's inherent at Paramount - to keep looking for newer ways to brighten prospects for our clients.

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