State-of-the-art Manufacturing Plant: Our production plant, in many ways is the cornerstone of our success. Thanks to its facilities and its strategic location. While its current annual production stands at 20,000 MT of liquid OBA and 2500 MT of its concentrated powder variant, that's just half the story. The plant is built such, that in case of escalating demand, it can effortlessly grow itself to accommodate rising needs. An ability, every client who visits our plant finds quite unique, admirable and of course reassuring.

Second most discerning feature of the plant is its location. It's located at Ambarnath (Thane District). On one hand it's just 60kms away from Mumbai, the heart of the country's economic capital and home to both national and international airports. And on the other, it lies in close proximity to one of India's biggest sea ports - JNPT (Nhava Sheva). A vital hub that helps us save time and cost, every time we dispatch orders, or even import raw materials.

Surely, you'll agree, it's a plant brightly built.

Backward Integration: At Paramount we are self-starters when it comes to optimizing costs and harnessing every bit of our potential. The result: We today manufacture the vital intermediate - Di-amino Stilbene Di-sulphonic Acid (DASDA) at our very own plant. Yet another smart idea that's welcomed by our clients.

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